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Hi, I am Erika! I will tell you a little bit about myself.. I am Italian, I love tattoos,cats, surfing and anything to do with hair! This  is my passion! I suffered from an eating disorder for a long time and along with it my hair suffered too... having to say goodbye to my beautiful locks (deprived for years and years from a proper nutrition) has been one the hardest part of it all. The road to recovery has been long and tedious, but I eventually reached the light! Today I am an extremely happy person and I learned that no matter what, I have to love myself and most importantly to forgive myself. My knowledge about hair comes from the beautiful Orthodox Jewish women of Israel where I have been living and learning for the past 5 years. From this "hairbeatsbyerika" was born and with it my beautiful, discreet and easy to wear hairpieces.

I am so grateful to be well and to be able to do what I do!

Ps: Check out my Instagram page for more pics and info!