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Luxury 100% Remy Human Hair Toppers.
Your perfect and 
easy to wear
solution for fabulous hair everyday!

Hi! I am so happy you found my small online Boutique!

  My name is Erika, I am Italian and my biggest passion is HAIR

Hair Beats by Erika is my very own hairpieces' line, and I use only the best Brazilian Remy hair and supply luxurious quality pieces that will definitely boost your self esteem!

Each one of my pieces is unique and it is created with great attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship.

Consider it as an investment: if properly cared for, a HairBeats piece can last you for a very long time!

HairBeats top extensions are a perfect solution for people with gradual hair loss, Androgenic Alopecia , thinning hair,  

covering gray hair in between colors, damaged hair due to processing,

or simply to be used for special occasions.

They look extremely natural, they are lightweight,

easy to wear and absolutely gorgeous

NONE will know you are wearing one!

I hope you will love them as much as I do and that one (or more!) of my pieces will bring you a little bit of happiness.

Give your hair a little Botox!

Love, Erika 

Due to COVID-19, air travel has been restricted, which affects our ability to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as we do during normal times. International deliveries may take longer than usual.Thank you for your patience!

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